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This section features a number of examples of the work Leon has done in the design field. Some cover mainstream graphic designs, created using the software available in the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as open source alternatives such as GIMP and Inkscape. Others feature "industrial" designs, which are used in the architectual and engineering fields, and are created with software such as AutoDesk's AutoCad and Inventor. He has also included a few examples of web design he has in the past.

Industrial Design

Link to Industrial Projects page

Industrial design is a field of graphic design that centers on using CAD applications to draw out plans, blueprints, and prototypes for physical products that will eventually be manufactured, or structures to be built. The examples shown here were created in AutoDesk software.

Graphic Design

Link to Graphic Design Projects page

Traditional graphic designs are the type of graphics that can be found in the media. This includes flyers and advertisments as well as computer wallpapers. They're usually created in Adobe Programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator.


Link to Animations Projects page

Sometimes a detailed technical drawing or a static image isn't enough. When we need to see more of what goes on in a project, a video can work best.

Photo Editing

Link to Photo Editing Projects page

Sometimes a photo doesn't come out the way one wants it to be. Using the tools in Photoshop (or any program like it) that photograph can be restored or improved. This page features a number of examples of how that can be done.

Web Design

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Websites not only need to provide information, but that information needs to be presented in a way that is appealing to the reader. Using HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and a few other web technologies, a web designer takes what would normally be a dull wall of text, and formats it into an easy to navigate and read webpage.