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Leon Bacud is a designer from the Bay Area who is focused on the technical side of the field. From a very young age, Leon has shown an interest in creating transportation systems infrastructure: buildings, roads, and bridges.

As time went by, Leon became intrigued by the World Wide Web and he decided to become involved in designing content for it. Through self-teaching and working through the web design/development programs at Solano College and DeVry University, he learned the tools necessary to build pages on the Internet. After gaining enough skills, he worked with businesses who work with many high profile companies.

As the Internet became less focused on creating small scale web designs from scratch, and more on pre-built templates and social media pages, it became apparent to Leon that he'll need to be more than a web designer. In 2013, Leon enrolled in Napa Valley College to expand his horizons. Still remembering his roots as a transportation enthusiast and after advice from a former employer, he considered working in the urban planning field as a transportation planner.

While studying at the college, he realized he'd need to learn about reading technical drawings in order to get into the field. As a result, Leon discovered a program called Digital Design Graphics Technology (DDGT). Not only does this program teach the basics of technical drawings, but it covers almost all sections of technical design; including 3D design. Leon saw DDGT as a good way of expanding Leon's horizons as a designer, so he took up the full program.